Welcome to the Re-enrollment Form!

We’ve successfully created a model that has provided a consistent, in-person preschool experience for our families this year (2020-2021). We are excited to continue this model and operate safely next year in order to give families a reliable in-person preschool experience during the Pandemic. We’ve been able to protect the heart of preschool – ensuring our children have a place to learn social and emotional skills that will prepare them for life.

Please fill out the following fields to re-enroll your child at DCP for the 2021-2022 school year. If you have a younger sibling and this is their first year applying/attending DCP, they will need to fill out the regular online application. Please make a note of this on your re-enrollment application in one of the comment sections.

Tuition Schedule

Age5 Days
12 months - 5 years$330/month

This form is no longer available. Please use the standard Application form here: http://durhamcommunitypreschool.org/online-application-form/