Pods 2020-2021

Durham Community Preschool will be operating during the Pandemic with pods comprised of 10 or less families and two teachers. Each pod will not interact with other pods to keep exposure low for teachers and families. Our goal has been to create a safe work environment for teachers and a safe social environment for our families.

We started with these questions:

What do our families need from us?

What do our teachers need from us?

How can we, as a nonprofit preschool, build a bridge between these two?

We put together a group of teachers, parents and Board members to recreate our program. After weeks of discussion, ideas and research, we found the best solution we could among difficult times. We are moving our program outdoors. For 2020-2021 school year, we are offering two different morning shifts of 2 hours and 15 minutes of outdoor play for preschool aged children. In addition to this outdoor in-person play, we will be offering some virtual connection opportunities and take-home activities. We realize that even with times being difficult, parents still want their children to get social interaction and kindergarten readiness skills. We are here to serve our families in the best way possible. We are excited to see what this year brings and how it will enhance who we are as an organization. We appreciate your patience and grace as we work to provide a safe, happy and healthy preschool experience to families.

Resources and information about outdoor play:

Durham Community Preschool participates in Take a Child Outside week every September