Weather Plan 2020-2021

Check out our new recommended GEAR LIST to make being outside a comfortable and fun experience!

We continually learn about the weather in our area and its impact on outdoor preschool. We’ve developed the following guidelines as a way to keep stress low on children, teachers and families…and keep the enjoyment of outdoor preschool high! We understand that every family may have different comfort levels around weather and will make the best decision for their family if it’s different from the preschool’s. We know that appropriate gear for weather outside has a high impact on comfort, fun and overall enjoyment of being outside.

RAINY: school as planned, wear a Muddy Buddy/rain gear

COLD threshold: 24 degrees (dry), 35 degrees (wet) during the majority of school hours = CLOSED

HOT threshold: 95+ during the majority of school hours = CLOSED

Being in the South, we recognize that we are better prepared for heat and humidity than cold/ice/storm conditions. In the summertime, we’ll choose to operate during early morning hours with lots of water breaks and shade. Higher temperatures for the Carolinas typically spike during the afternoon hours when we are closed.

RAINY+COLD (40 degrees or less plus heavy rain) = CLOSED

HURRICANE/TORNADO warnings predicted during school hours = CLOSED

ICE STORM warnings predicted during school hours = CLOSED

HIGH DAMAGING WINDS/FLOOD WARNINGS predicted during school hours = CLOSED

THUNDERSTORMS can be a gray area in deciding whether or not to open. If it’s scattered thunderstorms, sometimes we may be open. Typically, the thunderstorms that we close for are in conjunction with high damaging winds, flood warnings, and storms that are predicted during school hours.

In the event that we are at preschool during a thunderstorm, we have designated areas within the building that each pod can shelter in until the storm passes. Teachers will have materials to engage with the children and the staff will work to figure out any last-minute changes for drop-off and pick-up with parents.

We’ve noticed that the weather predictions can change overnight. Depending on the forecast, we will either make the decision the night before school or by 7 a.m. on a school day.  There is a small likelihood that one pod may operate and the other may not.  Parents will be notified of any closure decisions by the Remind app.