Welcome to Durham Community Preschool!

Durham Community Preschool offers part-time child care for the academic year, September to May. During the summer, we offer an optional summer session for infants and toddlers and weekly summer camps for three- to five-year-olds. To learn about our classes, see our descriptions to the right of this page.

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Our Mission

Durham Community Preschool is a secular non-profit preschool that offers play-based, part time child-care. We welcome families of every race, ethnicity, religion, family structure, and background.

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture the potential of each child through innovative strategies that foster social-emotional development and creative exploration. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing families with a high quality educational experience within our inclusive, socially responsible community.

Our Values and Philosophy

Children are naturally creative, possessing an innate curiosity and taking delight in discovering the world around them through active exploration. We support these attributes by:

  • engaging our young people to learn through play, creativity, and hands-on activities;
  • providing them with a comfortable and enriching environment; and
  • allowing them to develop their ideas and freely express themselves.

Experiences in early childhood also shape how young people view the world and their connection with it. At DCP, we encourage our children to become compassionate and mindful members of their community by:

  • recognizing that each child is a capable individual;
  • giving our children a solid foundation of confidence and self-worth to support their journey through childhood;
  • emphasizing the value of community; and
  • modeling peaceful conflict resolution and respect for one another.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is strongly encouraged at Durham Community Preschool. It is a cornerstone of our program and crucial to our community-building mission. We encourage parents to volunteer a small portion of their time each month. This can take the form of assisting in the classroom, supporting staff with small projects, or helping with a fund-raising event. We have a mix of parents represented at DCP: some have full-time jobs outside of the home, some work at home or at part-time jobs, and some have busy student or volunteer schedules – but all participate in the life of our preschool, and we are stronger for it. Durham Community Preschool is so named because we truly value community: both our small but vital family of parents, children, teachers, and staff, and the larger communities of Durham and beyond.