Outdoor Preschool Mini’s (2 years old)

During the school year, the Outdoor Preschool Mini’s class meets from Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12 pm.

Our Outdoor Preschool Mini’s class is designed for children who are two by August 31st. We have two classes of Mini’s that meet Monday through Friday. If 5 days feels like too much, we do offer a 3 day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or 2 day (Tuesday/Thursday) option for families.

Parents send in their own child’s water bottle, snack and lunch each day. Food containers need to be something that a child can easily open. Easy to eat foods should be packed. For example, oranges or apples need to be peeled and cut, ready for a child to munch on. Not sure what to pack? Check out our allergy friendly snack ideas!

We use our indoor spaces for bathroom breaks, diaper changes, severe weather (thunderstorms, high wind, heavy rain, extreme cold) and for some organized activity work. Beyond that, we are outside enjoying nature. Our beautiful urban campus includes a playground, a nature trail, a large parking lot, two wooded areas for play, a back porch area with a mural painted by a local artist, Jordan Owens, a pollinator garden and other areas around campus to explore, learn and create.

Outdoor Preschool Mini’s Class Details

Outdoor Preschool Mini’s Class for children who are 2 by August 31st. There will be a Lily Pad Mini Class and a Tadpole Mini Class. Teacher child ratio 1:5.

A 5-day option ($515 per month), a 3-day option ($355 per month) or a 2-day option ($245 per month) are available. For more information on tuition and fees, see our most current application.

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