Potty Training Information

We wanted to create a page with information for families and children who are potty training. We recommend reading this great resource from Zero to Three around potty training. At preschool, we are learning so many things – how to be away from our primary caregivers, how to connect with another adult (teachers), how to be social in a group of peers and how to navigate getting our needs met in a different environment. Potty training is one of those areas of learning in preschool.

At DCP, we define potty training as a child have near competence around these steps in using the potty:

  • Recognize and able to tell a teacher in words that they must use the potty before they have to go
  • Hold their potty need until they can get to the bathroom from a classroom or the playground or while waiting in line for other children to finish using the potty
  • Able to get on and off the potty mostly independently
  • Pull down/up their pants/underwear or lift dress/skirt (we can help with difficult snaps or buttons if needed)
  • Wipe themselves after using the potty
  • Flush the potty
  • Wash/dry their hands (with direction and help. We post visuals in the bathroom as well!)

We hope that by clearly outlining these potty training steps, it will help primary caregivers know what to work on at home. Letting your child practice and learn one or more of these steps while they are learning potty training is setting them up for success in a school setting. At DCP, we ask that children have two consecutive weeks of dry diapers during the morning and have worked on these skills above before coming to preschool in underwear.