We want preschool to be a wonderful experience for your family!

To help keep our community as healthy as possible, here is our sick policy for reference:

Policy on Sick Children

Children should be kept at home if:

  1. They have been exposed to contagious diseases
  2. They have had a fever within 24 – 36 hours preceding the school day
  3. They have experienced vomiting or diarrhea within 24- 36 hours preceding the school day
  4. They clearly do not feel well (lethargy, glazed eyes, etc)
  5. There is discharge from the eye(s)
  6. They demonstrate symptoms of illness including but not limited to fever above 100 degrees; conjunctivitis (pink eye) or “cold in the eye”; flu; unusual rash; severe cough; rapid breathing or labored breathing; severe cold; vomiting; yellowish skin or eyes; diarrhea; head lice; intestinal parasites; or contagious illness of any sort which results in child being too ill to participate in daily activities.

In case of contraction of contagious disease or infestation (e.g. covid, lice, intestinal worms):

  1. Immediately notify the preschool Director. Your child’s identity will be protected.
  2. Once the child has contracted the disease or parasites, keep the child at home for the maximum number of days required. The child should return to school only when the contagion is gone and a physician deems them well enough to return to school. (*see chart below for covid)
  3. Remember that DCP staff will not administer medication to children.
  4. Return your child to school when she or he has been naturally free of fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea for 24 – 36 hours 9 (no meds!).
  5. At the discretion of a teacher or the School Director, a child may be deemed too sick to remain at school. Parents will be contacted and are expected to pick up the child within 15 minutes. If the parents cannot be contacted, the emergency contact will be called and expected to pick up the child as soon as possible.


Click on the link below to be taken to the Covid flow chart. Please note that if anyone in the household has a positive covid result, this affects a child’s attendance at preschool. Email us with any questions at durhamcommunitypreschool@gmail.com

Health Screening and Reference Guide for returning to Preschool



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